"Congress shall have Power . . .To Promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times, to Authors and Inventors, the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries."

The United States Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 8

About COPYSEARCH Worldwide ®

COPYSEARCH Worldwide ® is a Washington, DC, based "Intellectual Property" and business-services consulting firm founded in 1979.

Our telephone number is 1-800-296-9080 Toll-Free from the USA and Canada, and 1-202-296-9080 elsewhere, and our hours of operation are 9 AM through 6 PM USA Eastern Time, excluding weekends and holidays. 

We can be reached 24 hours/day via email at and/or via facsimile at 1-202-466-5598.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We visit the Library of Congress Copyright Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) daily to assist our clients with Research and Registration of Intellectual Property (see description, below). We offer reasonable flat rates and/or competitive hourly consulting fees, and we accept personal or corporate checks and all major credit cards for your convenience. We have also created an online Search and Registration system called e*SEARCH ™ that offers the fastest and most reliable way to search and protect your Intellectual Property, including Trademarks.

We also offer several other Intellectual Property-oriented Related Services, including GENESYS ™ brand- and image-consulting services to help you create or select a name that is most appropriate (and available!) for your business, and IP-Directthe nation's premier way to contact existing Copyright, Trademark, and Patent owners via Direct Mail or Telephone (ideal for 'growing' your business!). Visit the Related Services page for more details on how to participate in these services.

We are also pleased to introduce Business "Start-Up" Services (unrelated to Intellectual Property) through our COPYSEARCH ® Partners ™ Program. Because we often meet business-owners just as they are embarking on new business ventures or other 'start-ups,' we are often asked for advice concerning such matters as Business Entity type, Taxation, Marketing, Internet and Domain (Website) Presence, Graphic and Logo Design, Business Credit, and Insurance, Disability and Estate Planning (Business Continuity). Please visit our Partners page for more information.

Intellectual Property (or IP) is concerned with the allocation and protection of "products of the mind," more commonly known as Copyright, Trademark, and Patent (and, additionally in some States, Trade Secret protection). For more detail on Intellectual Property generally, including an historical background, please visit our Services page before continuing.

Although COPYSEARCH Worldwide offers consulting services related to all three major disciplines of Intellectual Property, our specialty is Trademark. This specialization is primarily due to the simple fact that Copyright is relatively straightforward and inexpensive, and Patent can be very complex and costly and may therefore not be for everyone. However, we can assist with all areas of Intellectual Property, and we are therefore a good place to start!

Please browse our pages to learn more about the types of Intellectual Property, and to determine which protection is most suitable for your needs and interests.

To get started, please consider the following points. Then, click on the highlighted area of interest for more detail on how to obtain the necessary protection.

Copyright protects "artistic or literary' works, such as books, music, artwork, movies, poetry, and the like. Inexpensive and long-lasting, many people find that they can obtain Copyrights directly from the Copyright Office by calling 202-707-3000, or visit, and avoid the time and cost of a consultant.

Trademark protects "names" of businesses, products, or services. A commercially-oriented protection, Trademark is more complex, and often necessitates the assistance of a consultant knowledgeable in the field. COPYSEARCH Worldwide specializes in helping applicants research and obtain Trademarks in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible. Use our e*SEARCH service to submit your search for the fastest results!

Patent protects "inventions and non-obvious processes." By far the most complex of the three areas, Patent can be both lengthy and costly. Please consider carefully how and whether or not an idea that you have may differ from existing objects, or "prior art." Because of the complexity of Patent, you may wish to call us for more personalized assistance at 1-800-296-9080.

Thank you for considering COPYSEARCH Worldwide ®


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