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COPYSEARCH Worldwide ® provides assistance to people interested in protecting what is collectively called "Intellectual Property." Intellectual Property protection has become one of the most important rights in recent years, as many people are creating new works or businesses like never before.

In a surprisingly short period of time, the United States (and several other countries) has evolved from an industrial to an information- and services-based society. As the value of communicative expression grows, so has the legal structure that governs the rules concerning its ownership.

Despite its fancy name, Intellectual Property is really just about thoughts, ideas, names, or creations that people have expressed in a variety of forms. For example, artistic and literary creations like sculptures, music, films, books, and the like are protected by Copyright Law, which guarantees to authors an ownership right that others may not infringe upon. Trademarks protect the names of things, like company names (McDonald's, for example), product names (Big Mac), or service names ("You deserve a break today") in order to prevent confusion among the consumers looking to purchase such goods or services. Lastly, Patents protect new inventions and designs, or the discovery of "non-obvious" processes.

To simplify matters, you may wish to think of Intellectual Property like ideas, or "products (or property) of the mind." Like real, tangible property, Intellectual Property may be bought or sold, but first protecting the Intellectual Property is one of the most important cornerstones of your rights. COPYSEARCH Worldwide can help you protect those Intellectual Property rights.

One of the keys to protecting Intellectual Property revolves around being the "original author" of that property. Similarly, the first person to "use" a particular name of logo to represent their business or products are generally granted certain ownership rights. While formal registration of these "works" is usually not required, it often helps clarify an ownership issue from the beginning, thus avoiding costly arguments with other "owners" at a later and inconvenient time. The United States Federal Government maintains organizations such as the Copyright Office and the Patent and Trademark Office to help evaluate and grant Intellectual Property protection and thus settle ownership issues.

COPYSEARCH Worldwide ® invites you to visit the other pages of our website to explore Intellectual Property rights and protections in further detail, allowing you to decide what protection may be appropriate for your needs. Should you wish to proceed, COPYSEARCH Worldwide offers quality assistance at modest fees, and can simplify what may seem to be a confusing set of rules and procedures.

We work closely with our clients until they reach the satisfaction of Intellectual Property ownership. We would like to work with you.

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