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We are proud to recognize that many of our clients are Foreign individuals and businesses who are seeking United States Trademark and Service mark registration to protect their commercial interests both here in the USA and abroad..

Registration of U.S. Marks by Foreign entities follows a process similar to those of domestic applications.  The Application forms and fees are the same for both U.S. and Foreign filers.  However, there are a number of substantial differences, and COPYSEARCH Worldwide can help assist the Foreign entity with these issues.

Foreign Applicants for U.S. Marks MUST designate a U.S.-based "domestic representative" to receive all filing papers and correspondence, both during the application process as well as for the duration of the valid trademark.  Applicants not living in the United States must designate in writing the name and address of a person residing in the United States "upon whom notices of process may be served for proceedings affecting the Mark."

Foreign Applicants MAY claim Trademark "Priority" in the United States, based upon their existing foreign Trademark or Service mark.  This priority can be a valuable advantage in protecting rights, but must be properly claimed

COPYSEARCH Worldwide is pleased to offer USA Domestic Representation Services to Foreign applicants and registrants, in addition to our traditional services of Trademark Searching, Comprehensive Filing Assistance, and Post-Registration Maintenance and Monitoring Services.  (For more information on these traditional services, please visit the Trademark page of this website.)  We price our services in United States Dollars, and accept all major credit cards for convenient payment.  Best of all, our e*SEARCH ONLINE page is a great place to begin the Trademark process by Trademark Searching to ensure that the proposed name is available in the USA, 24 Hours A Day!  Enter the requested information and we will contact you shortly thereafter to confirm your request and arrange for payment.

COPYSEARCH can also provide information about obtaining International Protection abroad for owners of United States Trademarks and Service marks.  Simply contact us with your existing U.S. Trademark Registration Number, and let us know which country or countries into which you wish to expand your protection.

COPYSEARCH can also provide assistance with Name Creation and Branding for new goods and services to be distributed here in the United States and elsewhere using our GENESYS team of professionals.  Please visit the Related Services page of this website for more information.

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